Quick Answer: Why Is Google Earth So Outdated?

When was the last time Google Earth was updated?

Google Earth shows you the date of acquisition for the images on the screen with you have “historical imagery” turned on.

This Seattle image was updated in May 2017 and it is currently the first week of August.

Different locations will have different update dates, few older than two years.

How often is Google Earth updated?

According to the Google Earth blog, Google Earth updates about once a month. However, this doesn’t mean that every image is updated once a month – far from it. In fact, the average map data is between one and three years old.

Why is Google Earth so blurry?

Cache Clearing

If the image is still blurry, cache updates may be the cause. Clear the cache through Google Earth by clicking on “Tools,” “Options,” “Cache.” Log back into Google Earth. Check the streaming indicator at the bottom of the image to see when the data has finished downloading.

Is Google Earth up to date?

Google Earth has a historical imagery feature that when enabled shows the dates when imagery is available. The satellite imagery in Google Earth is on average 3 years old but there is a webcam.travel layer if you want “live” up-to-date images.

How do I update Google Earth imagery?

To ensure your are viewing the latest map images, update your version of Google Earth to the latest edition.

  • Download the latest version of Google Earth from the Google Earth website (see Resources).
  • Double-click the downloaded installer file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Is Google Earth Pro free?

Google. has announced that Google Earth Pro is now available for free. Google Earth Pro used to cost $399 per year. Google Earth is a geospatial software application that displays a virtual globe, which offers the ability to analyze and capture geographical data.

How often does Google Earth Take a picture of my house?

The satellite data on Google Maps is typically between 1 to 3 years old. According to the Google Earth Blog, data updates usually happen about once a month, but they may not show real-time images.

Can Google Earth show real time images?

Although it is a common misconception that Google Earth images are real-time, they are not. There are, however, two ways to view nearly real-time satellite images on Google Earth. NASA also has a layer called DailyPlanet which shows the entire Earth, continuously updated in real-time at a medium resolution.

How can you tell when a Google Earth picture was taken?

Select the Street View option (if one is available), and you should see a small label at the bottom of the screen that says “Image Capture,” followed by a month and year. For some locations, Google has a history of Street View photographs available for browsing.

How can I fix Google Earth?

To more easily do things like clear your cache or fix startup issues, use the Google Earth Repair Tool.

  1. Open Google Earth Pro.
  2. At the top, in the drop-down menu, click Help Launch Repair Tool.
  3. Leave the Repair Tool open but close Google Earth Pro.
  4. Choose how you want to fix Google Earth Pro:

Can I delete Google Earth cache?

Just head over to Tools > Options and hit the Cache tab. Here you can clear both memory cache and disk cache taken up by Google Earth. But opening up Google Earth just to remove the cache can sometimes take too long.

What is the highest resolution in Google Earth?

Google Earth Pro can now be downloaded for free, which enables saving and printing of high resolution images up to 4,800 x 4,800 pixels..

Can I see a live satellite view of my house?

If you want to see a satellite view of your house, you can find it with the free version of google earth live. Just type your address and you’ll zoom right in. Find a live satellite view of your friend’s house or satellite view of your girlfriend house.

What is the latest version of Google Earth?

Old Versions

Software Date Added
Google Earth March 22, 2019 – Latest Version
Google Earth July 16, 2018
Google Earth August 28, 2017
Google Earth January 18, 2017

1 more row

What is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro includes the same easy-to-use features and imagery of Google Earth, but with additional professional tools designed specifically for business users. Features in both: Print images. In Google Earth screen resolution only. In Google Earth Pro premium high resolution images.

Is Google Earth Pro still supported?

The Pro versions of Google Earth 6.0 and earlier are no longer supported.

Is there a 64 bit version of Google Earth?

5 Answers. The 64-bit Google Chrome also installs to C:/Program Files (x86), but runs a full 64-bit version. So, for Google products at least, this is not a reliable way of determining 32-/64-bit versions. Update: Full 64-bit version of Google Earth Pro, version 7.3.1, is available as of 1/22/2018.

How do I change the date on Google Earth?


  • Open Google Maps in your internet browser.
  • Find the orange Street View icon.
  • Drag and drop the orange human icon to a location on the map.
  • Click the Street View date in the upper-left corner.
  • Drag and slide the time slider to the year you want to see.
  • Click the preview image in the pop-up.