Question: What Planet Do We See In The Morning?

Which planet is seen in the morning?

Venus, the Morning Star and Evening Star.

One of the nicknames of Venus is “the Morning Star”.

It’s also known as the Evening Star.

Of course, Venus isn’t a star at all, but a planet.

What planets will be visible in 2019?

In 2019, Mercury will be visible in the evening sky from Feb. 18 to March 5, and in the morning from March 23 to May 7. Mercury returns to the evening sky between June 3 and July 11, then back to the morning sky between Aug. 1 through Aug. 19. Look for Mercury again in the evening sky between Sept. 23 and Nov. 3.

What planets can you see with the naked eye?

The five brightest planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – have been known since ancient times and can easily be seen with the naked eye if one knows when and where to look. They are visible for much of the year, except for short periods of time when they are too close to the Sun to observe.

What months is Mercury visible?

Mercury — is too difficult to glimpse for observers at mid-northern latitudes this month. It stands at superior conjunction on September 3rd. Moving into the evening sky, it will set only 45 minutes after the sun at month’s end, as seen from latitude 40° north.

What planet is visible in the morning sky?

Saturn is visible during most of the night, but it is best viewed in the early morning hours and until sunrise.

Can you see Venus in the morning?

Finding Venus in daylight in the morning sky is much easier than finding it in the evening sky. That’s because you can start watching it before sunrise, then follow it until after sunrise. When you spot Venus in daylight, you’d find it a very small and inconspicuous object.

When can you see Mars 2019?

Although the red planet isn’t as bright as Mercury in February 2019, Mars is bright enough to be easily visible in a dark sky. Fortunately, Mars will be out until late evening at mid-northern latitudes; at temperate latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, Mars stays out until mid-evening.

What planet is visible next to the moon?

Mercury and Venus are both nominally evening planets all through September 2019, but both sit way too close to the glare of sunset to be visible to the eye at mid-northern latitudes for most of the month.

What planets are visible in the night sky?


There are eight official planets in our solar system (if you thought there were nine, read this). We live on one of them, which leaves seven for us to look at in the night sky. From the sun outwards, they are Mercury, Venus, [Earth], Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.