Question: What Materials Are On The Moon?

This is the layer of the Moon that scientists have gathered the most information about.

The crust of the Moon is composed mostly of oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, and aluminum.

There are also trace elements like titanium, uranium, thorium, potassium and hydrogen.

What materials can be found on the moon?

Elemental composition

Elements known to be present on the lunar surface include, among others, oxygen (O), silicon (Si), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), aluminium (Al), manganese (Mn) and titanium (Ti). Among the more abundant are oxygen, iron and silicon. The oxygen content is estimated at 45% (by weight).

What kind of rock is the moon made of?

The composition of the rocks on the moon based on samples of lunar rocks are volcanic in origin. The rocks are basalts, similar to the kind of volcanic rock found on Earth. The lunar basalts are rich in iron and magnesium, and they also contain glassy structures that are indicative of rapid cooling.

What valuable minerals are on the moon?

The company’s goal is twofold: 1) mine the moon for valuable resources, such as Helium-3, gold, platinum group metals, rare earth metals and water; and 2) help researchers develop human space colonies for future generations.

What is needed to live on the moon?

Energy. On the moon there is no electricity to provide heat or light. If humans were to live on the moon then we would have to build buildings, houses, stores, and other things and in all of these we would need light and heat.